Work toward enough not toward more

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” Jackie French Koller, 1948.

Minimalism is a word or lifestyle that gets thrown around quite a bit in the financial independence community. Less is more, declutter your life, and so on and so forth.

I find it quite funny that when I look up minimalism or minimalist, I get posts on top of posts about art and decorating. I can not even find anything on minimalism just searching those terms so I had to narrow down to minimalist living.

So far what I’m finding is that minimalism is a millennial trend or fad. I personally think that minimalism is a very powerful tool when it comes to achieving financial goals and getting to that coveted financial independence.

Like the above quote on minimalism, there are two sides to every coin. You can also go the direction of working towards acquiring many things. You can find happiness in having lots of stuff, stuff you might not even use or may end up hoarding and forgetting you even owned for years.

Don’t get me wrong here, I like stuff just as much as the next guy and I own quite a few nice things I guess you’d call them. I own 2 tv’s, 2 vehicles, 2 children (just kidding) and some nice electronics as well. I have a decent amount of clothing, some of which I definitely do not wear and have multiple pairs of shoes, most of which never get worn.

In coming up with what to write for this post I definitely need to look at my life and consider that I could use some downsizing for sure. Up until not long ago I had two consoles more than what I have now and ended up selling them off to help push me further along to my savings and debt pay off goals.

I can honestly say that in looking at my life and possessions, there’s a ton of stuff I still really don’t need and could make due without or even forget I had to begin with.

My point here is that maybe by looking at our lives we can identify a ton of things or even a couple that we really don’t need and begin to eliminate them and fight the urge to replace them. I think this can not only help with our savings and finance goals but it will teach us to be greatful and appreciative of what we already do have and not feel the need to continue adding more.

Maybe over time we can even get to the point of being able to call ourselves minimalists and really be rid of all the materialism that the world continually throws in our faces and makes us believe are needed to have a fulfilling life.

Are there some things in your life you can live without and get rid of to declutter today?

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