The successful habits of 6 figure bloggers – book review

Written by Sally Miller. The successful habits of 6 figure bloggers is about three main habits that most successful bloggers have developed and how they put them into action in their blog.

In this book you will get what the writer has determined as the three main habits of successful bloggers, a breakdown of each habit and interviews with multiple successful bloggers who have implemented these habits into their daily routine.

It was a nice quick read with some actionable steps you could take to start developing your blog further by determining what your motivation is for blogging, who you’ll serve through your blog, what your end goal is and things of the like.

At 135 pages it went by pretty fast but I still managed to spread it out over a few days. At the very least, it’s nice to have a compiled list of sorts available of bloggers who have made it to the big time of having their blog as their business and quitting the nine to five to run their blogs.

I really enjoyed the motivation of what these blog hosts said in their respective interviews. Each one had a positive message of sticking to your guns, learning everything you can, never give up and more positivity. They were all unified in their message that it’s not an easy road to go down but don’t give up and you’ll make it someday.

Being that it was a short book I’ll stick with a short review and give my summary of the book. If you want a quick read about blogging that’ll really leave you with a positive feeling of, “I can do this” and help you decide that sticking it out for the long run is very important and that making a successful blog and business is completely doable, give this book a read and I promise you will not have wasted your time.

Are you starting a blog or new venture into something exciting? Where are you finding your motivation today?

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